Confirm Testing – PCR test, Fit to Fly certificate & 10% off promotional code

In light of the government advice regarding testing and travel we are pleased to launch a relationship with Confirm Testing who offer PCR Covid tests to travellers across the UK and Fit to Fly certificates being provided for travel.
The government website says this:
You should not use the NHS testing service to get a test in order to facilitate your travel to another country. You should arrange to take a private test.
A summary of the service offered:
•Tests are ordered through the Focus branded portal – see below for details
•This should be done at least 5 days prior to travel
•A 10% discount is offered (off the standard price of £119.99) to you, our client as long as you put our promotional code into the check-out page (see below for your discount code)
•The test is sent by Royal Mail Tracked 24 service to the traveller – this arrives within 24 hours of ordering the test kit
•The passenger follows the instructions, takes the test sample and returns the sample using the Royal Mail Tracked 24 label/packaging, putting this into a designated priority post box
•The test sample is analysed, and results provided back to the traveller in time for their flight
Info to note:
•There is a shipping charge of £7.99 (no discount is available on this charge)
•Please allow sufficient time for the test to be done, returned to Confirm Testing and certificate to be provided prior to flight departure – especially if there is a weekend day involved in the timings
•Confirm testing offer a money-back guarantee on the test cost if the traveller does not get their test back in time for their flight (although say that they have not experienced this issue yet)
•There is a customer service team who can advise timings if needed – this is available from 0500-midnight – either by phone or live chat via their website:
Agency: Travelworld International
Promotional/Discount code: WORLD10

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