Flying with Lufthansa

As of 4 May 2020, passengers are required to bring face masks or covers and to wear them on board all Lufthansa Group flights.* This recommendation applies to the entire journey, as the required minimum distance of 1.5 meters (6 feet) cannot always be fully guaranteed despite numerous adjustments to service procedures. All Lufthansa Group flight attendants in direct contact with passengers will also wear a corresponding mask. This measure serves as additional protection for all travellers and employees and is initially valid until 31 August 2020.
The Lufthansa Group follows the official regulations of numerous countries in which the wearing of a mouth and nose cover is now mandatory in public where social distancing is not possible.
Since wearing a protective cover provides adequate health protection, the current regulation of Lufthansa Group airlines to keep the adjacent seat free in Economy and Premium Economy Class will no longer apply. Due to the current low seat load factor, seats will nevertheless be assigned as widely as possible throughout the cabin.
In principle, an infection on board remains very unlikely. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, no concrete cases of transmission on Lufthansa Group flights have been reported. All Lufthansa Group aircraft are equipped with the highest quality air filters, which guarantee air quality similar to that in a hospital operating room. In addition, the air circulates vertically instead of being distributed in the cabin.

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