Why BTC?

“We’re dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic about all things travel, my team will do their best to make sure your trip runs smoothly from start to finish.”

What is a TMC, and why choose Business Travel Centre?
A Travel Management Company (TMC) is a travel agent that fully manages the business travel requirements delegated by an individual, company or organisation to fundamentally save clients both time and money. A TMC is also commonly known as a business travel agency or corporate travel provider. But why choose us?

How Can Business Travel Centre help your company?

  1. We provide 24-hour support for your employees
    Business Travel Centre offers an in-house service that operates around the clock, every day of the year, so you can be confident that wherever your employees are or whatever help they need when they’re travelling, there’s someone on the end of the phone who will help them. As this is managed by the Business Travel Centre team, we have the knowledge of your travellers and their trips, so can assist quickly and in accordance to any policies or procedures.

  2. We help improve compliance in line with your corporate travel policy
    Using our vast knowledge and experience in the corporate travel sector, we can help you create and enforce your travel policy. We build these into our booking processes, online or offline, to increase compliance and ensure that all travellers adhere to your policy rules.

  3. Reduce average transaction values
    We will regularly review your travel spend and trends and identify any areas in which we can help you save money. Ways that we do this include negotiating exclusive discounts with airlines and hotels.  We also use our expertise to provide recommendations on how you can educate your travellers to change their booking behaviour, resulting in further savings.

  4. Give you your time back
    Travellers are becoming ever increasingly savvy when searching the internet for prices, but the time spent trying to find the cheapest or most suitable way of travelling can often cost more than the saving in lost productivity. Using Business Travel Centre to do the hard work means that your employees can be more efficient and focus on other tasks.

  5. Make you a more responsible employer
    Safety and Duty of Care of employees is becoming ever more critical. We can help ensure that your travellers are prepared for the destinations they are visiting, by providing Visa and passport advice, and any other advice or information before they travel. We can track your travellers, so that if necessary we can advise you where your travels are at any given time, and repatriate them quickly and safety if needed.

  6. Use our Expertise
    The knowledge of experienced business travel consultants is invaluable. With over 125 years of experience across the team, we are skilled at creative ticketing to save money. We use our knowledge to ensure that the time your travellers spend away from the office provides maximum return on investment and that they get to and from where they need to be safely and in the most cost-effective way. Our team get to know you and your travellers and often feel like a part of your organisation – almost like having their own personal travel assistant.

  7. Centralise all your business travel needs
    Business Travel Centre is a one stop shop for all your travel requirements. From sourcing the best prices and options, to providing and analysing booking and spend data, we can do it all. We also liaise with suppliers on your behalf, meaning you can rely on having one point of contact for everything travel and supplier related. This means you are free to focus on optimising your business travel programme and other day to day tasks.

  8. Flexible payment and invoicing options
    As suppliers are increasingly asking for immediate payment, we can offer more flexible payment and invoicing solutions. We can prepay hotels so that your travellers arrive safe in the knowledge that their bill is already taken care of, and also have the flexibility to hold seat and fares giving your travellers time to confirm arrangements with colleagues or customers before committing to the cost of their trip.

  9. Build stronger supplier relationships
    As a member of the Advantage Travel Group, which collectively issues over £4.5billion air tickets a year, we can leverage this spend and negotiate exclusive air fares which are not available in the public domain, or from any other TMC. We can also work with suppliers to negotiate discounts on your most frequent routes or discuss preferred rates at hotels close to your office or regular destinations.

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