Visa Service, Work Permits and How Brexit Affects You

Just over 18 months ago, the most pressing matter amongst Business Travellers was Brexit and how it affected your movement, visa requirements and work permits. With Covid hitting at the same time as Brexit, it suddenly was put on the back burner but as you begin to travel more, it is important than you know the variety or rules and regulations to make sure you are compliant.

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So How Has Brexit Changed The Requirements of Travel?

Free movement rights under the agreed transitional
arrangements following Brexit (“Transition Period”) ended
at 23:00 on 31 December 2020.

The UK and the EU agreed that their nationals could travel between the 2 areas “visa free” for business and tourist purposes.

They would be allowed to do so for 90 days within a 180 day rolling period

Agreement was made at a EU level but different definition for business activities falls down to each of the 27 EU member states’ immigration laws.

The type of activity that you will be engaging in will dictate whether you qualify as a business traveller

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) has been ratified by the EU, but each State still has different interpretations and many areas where not covered by the TCA.

How are UK Travellers into the EU impacted?

Different rules and processing times apply for different permits

Long Term Assignments or Local Employment (> 90 days) – Work & Residence Permits

Short Term Assignments (up to 90 days) – Work Permit or Work Permit Exemption

“Business Visitors” (one day – few weeks) – If activities are business no immigration requirements however if activities are work, work permit or work permit exemption required.

How does this affect Business Travellers needing to travel now

AM I TRAVELLING FOR BUSINESS OR WORK? This is not a simple question to answer! It varies from country to country.

Negotiating and signing deals/contracts provided any work agreed to is carried out either outside the UK or by UK colleagues with the correct work permission to do so is for example PERMITTED in Austria, Czech Republic and Germany but NOT PERMITTED in Hungary and Netherlands.

Carrying out site visits and inspections is NOT PERMITTED in Austria and Netherlands, PERMITTED in Czech Republic on CONDITION and PERMITTED in Germany and Hungary.

Attending a training event, which is classroom based or involves familiarisation or observation. Practical training is allowed if it does not amount to “training on the job” or the person filling a role – is PERMITTED on CONDITION in Austria and Netherlands, NOT PERMITTED in Czech Republic and PERMITTED in Germany and Hungary.


Key Takeaway Points

  1. Short stays may still need work permits
  2. Same activity in different countries may have different regulations
  3. Need to fully understand and define work activities
  4. There are exemptions but you need to be clear on the activities

Short stay-Entry Requirements (Visa Free but added requirements)

Passport must
be issued within last 10 years

Passport must
have a validity in excess of ideally 6 months to enable travel

Justify the
purpose of travel

Proof of
financial means for the duration of
the stay

Itinerary for
the stay (where he/she will stay, and proof of return)

sickness insurance for the stay

The stay will
not exceed 90 days in a period of 180 days in the Schengen territory

Practical Guidance – What You Need To Be Thinking About

COMPLIANCE needs to be the starting point of any travel discussion

Clearly understand
and map the activities travellers undertake – Business vs Work

Monitor the days spent out of UK – both leisure and business

Ensure all travellers get the right permit and not the easiest/cheapest

Consider global
workforce for new assignments – especially with long process times

Remember our portal and visa service is not just for the EU but worldwide visas and advice.

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