The Top Benefits of Working With BTC

As travel begins to increase again, this will lead to more time spent by employees researching flights and hotels, putting together expense reports and following-up on approvals. On the other side of the house, the finance team is tasked with reconciling the various transactions, approving reimbursements and budget forecasting. To say it has become a monumental task for all parties would be an understatement.

Here at Business Travel Centre (BTC). We provide corporate travel management for your business by assisting with the day-to-day operations of your business travel program, and providing dedicated resources and technology for all stakeholders within an organisation, including CEOs and founders, employees, and of course finance departments. These services and tools help streamline both expenses and travel management to improve efficiency for business professionals.

Employee Assistance and Itinerary Support

According to research, “One in four working professionals (25%) finds managing an itinerary and booking meetings for a business trip to be stressful. Additionally, four in ten (41%) working professionals globally find travel delays and cancellations stressful.” To help ease these pain points, we believe it is essential to provide your travellers with 24/7/365 chat, phone, and email support.

When you work with a TMC, your team gains access to a dedicated support team, saving them from the time and stress involved in handling travel issues on their own.

Comprehensive Insights for Finance Departments

Visibility and forecasting are huge for the finance team, yet with travel it’s often difficult to predict costs and control spend. We can help your team gain control and operational efficiencies, and gives you access to reporting that provides greater visibility into budget and financial forecasting. For instance, with the reporting provided by BTC, finance can see exactly how much teams are spending with real-time insights and monitor overall savings against policies.

Travel Policy Compliance Assistance

One of the most notable and immediate changes your team will feel working with BTC is the shift from unmanaged to managed travel. Without us, employees typically reserve travel using numerous different online booking tools, or one overworked employee manually books travel at the request of multiple employees. This makes it difficult to achieve travel policy compliance and provide duty of care.

We can offer one place for employees to book all of their business travel and help ensure adherence to travel policy.

Negotiated Savings and Discounts

Traditionally, negotiated savings and discounts on flights and hotels are reserved for large corporations that have extremely high travel spend. But have no fear, regardless of the size of your organization, BTC can help secure cost savings. It is estimated by that “partnering with a TMC saves companies between 5% and 50% of their annual travel spend, and as travel is often a company’s second largest expense, you can see significant savings.”

Do You Need BTC?

Quite simply, the answer is yes! Unmanaged travel causes employees avoidable stress, leaves room for human error, and ties up your finance team with manual processing of clunky spreadsheet-based expense reports that have a multitude of receipts attached. No matter the size of your organization, we can help organize travel, align budgets, and streamline reporting.

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