What are your furloughed staff doing?

As we hit another week in lockdown and the furlough scheme has been extended until June, are you making valuable use of your furloughed staff’s time?
Furloughed members of staff can partake up to 4 hours of training every day, so why not use this time to expand your team’s skill level.
While most eyes are on the economy and financial bottom line, it is essential that the mental wellbeing of furloughed employees remains a top priority for businesses.
Uncertainty, fears of job security and financial worries and loss of purpose and identity are all issues they’ll be facing.
Here are some ways you can prioritise the wellbeing of your furloughed employees, from the initial conversation to maintaining ongoing support.
Ensure open communication with all employees at all times
Let them know that furloughing staff is an essential move for the future of your business and how it’s going to enable your company to be in a more secure position once the pandemic is over.
Reassure furloughed staff with a written plan
Don’t inform a colleague that they’re being furloughed and then leave them to calculate what 80% of their salary will look like. If you’re reducing their salary, then tell them. It is uncertainty and the unknown that causes us the most worry.
Emphasise their value and highlight their contributions
Although it may seem clear that it’s the pandemic that’s causing your company to temporarily stand down staff, don’t assume that employees won’t take it a little personally. This is especially true if some of their team is staying on full-time.
Schedule check-ins
Every employee’s needs are different and you will need to schedule check-ins based on these.
If you’ve got their back, they’ll have yours.

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